Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Windows Tips and Tricks for Logos

It's possible this type of thread has been done before, but I thought I would start a discussion where people can post what has been most useful for them in terms of Windows functionality and Logos. My first tip is below: 

Windows Virtual Desktop: 

My desktop has 3 screens and I am able to open up several Logos panels, part of the same layout, which span across all three screens. You might think it's overkill, but it's nice to not have to constantly open and close Logos panels and be able to read what I want with the panel size that is optimal. 

With my laptop, I obviously only have one screen. I get around this using Windows Virtual Desktop. I simply press the WinKey (windows key) and the Tab key to open up an interface which allows me to add a second and third "virtual" desktop (you will see this option at the bottom center of the screen, can't miss it). [this function only with Win 7 and beyond. I'm running Windows 10). 

After that, I can move panels to different virtual desktops and size them appropriately (all that needs to be done in Logos is for these panels to be "opened in a floating window"). 

What's nice is that Logos remembers this layout. Although it won't put the panels in the virtual desktops for me, Logos will open up the layout with the panels that I had floating earlier, and when I put them in the different desktops (remember, WinKey + Tab to move things around), Windows remembers what size and position they were in. It takes 30 seconds to set this whole thing up once it's been done before. 

Then to get back to your main desktop, just click on "desktop 1." To switch between virtual desktops, simply press WinKey + R/L Arrow key. 

With my desktop, pressing the WinKey + R Arrow will shift ALL 3 screens to a new virtual desktop, where I have my Word processor one one screen, chrome on another (for research), and music on another. My point is that whether you have a single-screen laptop or a massive desktop, the virtual desktop feature in Windows is really helpful. Also, with the 3 screen desktop setup, Logos knows exactly which panels go to which monitor, and sets it up automatically when I select this layout. 

I hope this tip is somewhat helpful.

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