Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wild (City of Light Book #2)

Wild (City of Light Book #2)Author(s): Sherry Rossman
Publisher: Darwin House Press
Price: $0.99 (Ends Sept 24)

“Do you still love me as you did?” His arms come around me, pulling me against him, and I see it on the horizon before us—the world—what will it do to us?
After escaping Titus, Monet and Luke join the rebels living on the fringe. The Colony is a haven for the artists and God-seekers who survived The Chasm, but as Monet soon discovers, freedom across the boundaries is interwoven with darkness. The wounds from their city run deep, bringing Monet and Luke to question their bond. When a cataclysmic event threatens their existence, they must step into the unknown with an old enemy, and work together to survive.

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