Saturday, September 16, 2017

what now?

I decided to upgrade my computer by adding a 240GB SSD and some RAM.

What I think happened is this......

The new drive is in and Windows 10 was installed to it and I had them add firefox to this SSD.  I am thinking nothing else is on it.  I still have the 1TB HDD as  extra room.  I am guessing nothing added or deleted.  This was were my windows 10 machine was.  Logos and Office........etc.  ]

I was told it had about 750GB free.

I guess the only thing I need now is to get Logos 7 back on my SSD.  I also want MS Office but Im sure that is a call to MS and I am not asking that here. 

I asked the geek squad to look for logos.  He created a shortcut of my HDD windows 10 userfolder D I assume this is just the drive.....He found a Logos-shortcut and put it on the desktop.  I click and it talks about Preparing to download.  I believe I entered my email and password previously.  Am I just to allow the download to happen?  I am guessing I should but just wanting to ask.

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