Saturday, September 9, 2017

Weekend reading (9/09)

Weekend Reading

A Hunger and a Home

For the last couple days, I’ve been listening to this new album from Caroline Cobb, which is inspired by her reading through the Bible from beginning to end. It’s a very well-crafted record, hitting themes I don’t often hear in music for Christians. Do check it out; it’s quite lovely.

Why Do We Continue to Struggle with Legalism?

Casey Lewis:

If you think about it, the world is full of untrue, unsound, unbiblical theology. It is important we know where it comes from so we can better understand it, speak against it, and protect ourselves and others from it.

Paul did just that in the church at Ephesus. He spoke out against bad theology to help the Ephesians protect themselves from it.

Is the Term ‘Evangelical’ Redeemable?

Thomas Kidd asks an interesting question.

Two Tools that Make My PhD Life Easier

Brandon Smith:

Instead, I’ve struggled with the logistics of preparation and research. What tools should I use to store notes, keep up with things-to-read-later, and track my progress so that I don’t get behind? When have I read too much or too little of something? Which resources should I skim and which should I digest? These are ongoing struggles that I’m hoping to improve on, but haven’t found any magic bullets for yet.

SEND Relief

If you’re looking for a way to help Americans affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, consider giving to SEND Relief. For international relief efforts, you’re never going to go wrong with Compassion.

6 Reasons You Should “Resign” and “Restart” Your Role Once a Year

Eric Geiger:

Don’t do this daily because it requires you to pull away from daily responsibilities for deep thinking and can throw you out of your daily rhythm, but once a year you should mentally resign your role and start over. To be clear, I do NOT mean an actual resignation where you leave the job and hope to get re-hired the next day. I mean that you mentally imagine yourself leaving, take some time to evaluate your stewardship, and look at your role again with fresh eyes. Here are 6 reasons why I resign/restart my role once a year.

Churchgoing Is Beautiful

Trevin Wax:

The percentage of American Protestants who attend church has held steady since the 1970s. But churches report smaller numbers of Christians in worship each week.

What’s going on?

God Made All of Me

A favorite from the archives, this time looking at a book written to help protect children from predators:

Like all little boys between the ages of two and five, my son is fascinated with his boy parts. At least, I think he’s fascinated, considering how he runs around without his pants on. Maybe he just likes to gross out his sisters.

My son’s boy-ness aside, from a very early age, we’ve tried to instill an understanding of the importance of keeping ones parts to oneself. We’ve taught them proper names—sometimes with embarrassing results at family gatherings—and told them that if anyone ever asks them to keep a secret, or touches them in a place they shouldn’t or just makes them uncomfortable (even if it’s in a way they don’t understand), they need to come tell us right away.

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