Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weekend A La Carte (September 16)

Today’s Kindle deals include a number that are worth looking at.

Hebrews Bible Study

Last year Michael Kruger led a ladies’ Bible study on Romans through Reformed Theological Seminary. This year he’s working through Hebrews and the videos are being released on YouTube. This is a tremendous resource!

Don’t Speak Up: On the Spiritual Discipline of Silence

Yes! “As evangelicals, we often feel guilty for not evangelizing more, or not speaking a word of correction to a friend in sin. And sometimes that sense of guilt is correct! But here, Jesus identifies another way we can err: speaking up wrongly, at the wrong times, and to the wrong person.”

Be Patient with Your Slow Growth

“We live in an era of such rapid technological advancement and in a society that so values efficiency, productivity, and immediate results that we can hardly help but assume that the faster things happen, the better. Therefore, we often don’t value the precious benefits of slow growth.”

From Where Does Bad Theology Come?

There is so much of it out there. Where does it come from?

What Makes People Like (and Dislike) Their Doctors?

I found this strangely interesting. And not too surprising.

When a Hurricane Destroys Your Distractions

“After my experience, I’m increasingly convinced that two of the biggest barriers to neighborly living are air conditioning and the internet. When stripped of these two luxuries, people were forced to interact as embodied persons. The multitude of distractions available on the internet were simply gone.”

What Americans Need to Know about the African Church (Video)

Ken Mbugua gives a three-minute answer.

Flashback: 3 Godly Ambitions for the Christian

Paul tells Christians to be ambitious. But be ambitious first for the basic and lowly things. Master these few matters. Be content with these few things. This is a life that pleases God.

Six Encouragements to Holiness from Together for the Gospel

My thanks goes to Together for the Gospel for sponsoring the blog this week.

All death can do to the believer is deliver him to Jesus. —John MacArthur

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