Thursday, September 21, 2017

Use Logos Online for Free! Introducing Logos Cloud Basic.

Now there’s a free way to start using Logos, and you don’t have to download a thing. Logos Cloud Basic gives you access to a selection of Logos tools and books to take you deeper in your Bible study. It all happens right inside your browser, and it’s 100% free.

Just visit the Logos web app and choose Basic to get started.

So much more than an online Bible

Go beyond Bible reading and truly study the Word, completely online. Logos Cloud Basic comes with a library of select Bible study resources including translations, a commentary, Bible dictionaries, devotionals, a study Bible, and even Greek and Hebrew resources. It’s your go-to source when you have a question about the Bible, are looking for a certain verse, are settling in for morning devotions, or doing any kind of Bible study task.

With free training and a built-in course for mastering Bible study, getting started is simple and stress-free. You can even launch your study right away with premade study templates tailored for specific types of study and common Bible study tasks. With a single click, Logos will open the resources you need for personal devotions, doing a word study, or even preparing a sermon. Once you sign up, just visit, choose your template, and start studying. It’s that simple.

Sign up for Logos Cloud Basic now.

Dig in with smart tools

The Logos team has hand-tagged thousands of biblical resources, linking them to relevant Bible passages. Open a Bible passage in Logos, and all the books you need will automatically open to exactly the right page. Finding passages, biblical words, definitions, cultural background, and other information takes mere seconds with a single search.

With Logos Cloud Basic, you can get started with basic Bible study tasks and experience for yourself how Logos can take you deeper into the Word:

  • Customize a Bible reading plan.
  • Tie your notes and highlights to a passage.
  • Scroll commentaries and Scripture side-by-side.
  • Find anything with smart searching.

Don’t take our word for it. Start studying the Bible online, for free. Get Logos Cloud Basic.

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