Friday, September 1, 2017

Thought 40% off Was Good? Here’s How to Save Even More.

During the  Back-to-School sale, you can save up to 40% on popular resources like the 25-volume Baker Gospel Studies Collection or the 69-volume Hermeneia and Continental Commentaries.

But if you thought 40% off was good, here’s something else to consider: The Logos 7 Platinum base package gives you every featured sale title, along with hundreds more resources—all for less than what you’d pay separately for the books. Even compared to 40% off, Logos Platinum is your best value.

And if you’re a student or faculty member, you may qualify for even more savings with the Logos Academic Discount.

Here’s why Logos 7 Platinum is such a good value for anyone who wants to study the Bible more seriously.

Platinum builds your library

Logos 7 Platinum provides a deep well of more than 900 biblical resources, including Hermeneia, the 8-volume Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, the Greek–English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (BDAG), and the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT, 10 volumes).

The library you’ll receive is worth over $18,000—and includes commentaries, dictionaries, Greek and Hebrew resources, and everything else you need for in-depth study. With Platinum, you get that immense library for over 89% off the price of building it book-by-book. And you get all the features of Logos 7 besides!

Think of it as a complete theological library, minus the real estate and the shelving it would take to house so many paper books. See the complete list.

Platinum gives you tools to do more

Start with Bible study tools, and you’ll begin to see the power of Logos 7 Platinum. Connect your favorite commentary with any version of the Bible and scroll them in sync. Build a concordance out of any resource to find terms, people, and concepts. Trace the author, audience, and theme of any book of the Bible.

But don’t stop there. Look up passages based on discourse genres, and purposes of speech in social settings. Or map semantic roles for Greek and Hebrew verbs.

When you’re ready to dig even deeper, powerful original language tools enable you to:

  • Instantly access Greek and Hebrew words behind the English translations.
  • Get definitions, morphology, and syntactical values of every word in a passage.
  • Transliterate Greek and Hebrew text.
  • Find every occurrence of important grammatical constructions.
  • Discover textual differences across ancient manuscripts.
  • Simplify lexicon look-up.

For preaching or teaching, Logos 7 Platinum helps you incorporate key literary devices and cultural concepts from the biblical world. You’ll get 1,800 years of theological insight on any given passage. And with the new Sermon Editor, you can write your sermon right inside Logos. Start typing, and Logos automatically creates slides and handouts based on your work.

There’s much more to Logos 7 Platinum than we can cover here. Talk to a Resource Expert (888-875-9491) to learn more. Be sure to ask how you can get a custom discount based on Logos resources you already own.

Or order Logos 7 Platinum right now.

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