Monday, September 18, 2017

The Social Christian: It Can Be Redeemed

This article is part of a series that came straight from The Social Christian ebook which you can get now at ChurchMagPress. along with the PowerPoint slides and audio presentations Phil actually used.

Jesus’ resurrection is the miracle upon which our faith hangs, and it not only gives us hope for our own resurrection but also signals the coming resurrection of all creation. To that end, we have been set aside as ambassadors, forerunners, and messengers of this coming kingdom. Thus, every part of our lives—public and private, physical and virtual—must be influenced by the reality of what’s coming, infused by the resurrection power of Jesus.

In essence, we have been called to spread the message and the power of Christ’s resurrection throughout this broken world. And I can’t think of a place that needs that resurrection power quite like the internet. Whether it’s the rampant racism, sexism, and rage that fills the internet or the proliferation of soft and hardcore pornography, the internet is in serious need of redemption, and that, dear reader, is our mission.

Thus, it’s more important than ever that we make sure that we truly represent Christ online, and not just in a passive way, but actively and authentically. To do this, we must do more than simply share the positive and should instead share the life-giving. Furthermore, we must be vigilant against sharing the inappropriate and life-killing.

In short, we must share the light, illuminating social media one tweet and post at a time.

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