Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Real Reason Your Church Needs Mobile Giving

The Real Reason You Need eGiving

There are many reasons why your church, ministry, or nonprofit organization needs mobile giving.

The statistics and behaviors surrounding mobile and e-giving have evolved quickly with high adoption rates and more familiarity with the platform. Fears and concerns from only a few years ago have been erased as we simply have to look at the raw data to realize that we are using mobile devices and e-commerce far more than using cash and writing checks.

The Numbers Are In

The simple truth is this:

  • You don’t have to be “in church” or “on a website” to give.
  • Big giving can happen on any day, at any time, not just at the end of the month or year.
  • We no longer feel the need to “only give on Sunday” or any other specific day or time.
  • People are no longer afraid to spend (or give) big using their mobile phones (just ask Amazon).
  • Mobile payment apps work (just ask Starbucks).

The argument for mobile giving based on the numbers alone is strong. But is that what it’s all about? Is it really just about the numbers?

The Only Reason You Need for Mobile Giving

We could talk about all the church giving facts and how Summer months are not a time when giving goes down or how people are not afraid to give large donations on their mobile phones.

While these are all compelling reasons, this is not the most important reason your church needs mobile giving. This is not what is at the heart of the matter.

It’s about giving.


That’s it.

It’s about giving.

The truth of the matter is, people want to give. They want to help. They want to support what they believe in. They want to be invested in their cause in all ways.

So while the raw data paints a picture of good organizational decisions making, providing a mobile giving platform for your church, ministry, or nonprofit organization has more to do with making it easier for people to support causes they believe in, than anything else.

How easily does your church make it to give?

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