Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Quest by Beth Moore | What’s Different About This New Study?

By now you’ve heard about The Questthe newest study from Beth Moore. But you probably noticed a few things that were a little different about this one.

First, the size is different. If you’ve seen it in the store, you probably noticed that this book is smaller than a lot of Beth’s studies. You may also have noticed that in the top right corner of the book, it says “6-session study journal.” You may have seen us or Beth talk about this study as being a little different. And you may have some questions about that. Or perhaps this is all new information for you! Either way, we thought it would be best to let Beth herself tell you what’s different about this study.

Check out this segment from the first video teaching session from The Quest.

Another difference between this study and many of Beth’s is the video length. The first and last session are like most of her studies—about an hour long. Sessions 2-5, though, are closer to fifteen minutes and feature interviews with Lauren Chandler, as well as footage filmed at Beth’s house.

Finally, you’ll notice in the book more space for journaling. We would also recommend considering getting an additional journal or just having some loose-leaf paper on hand for additional notes and writing.

As Beth said in the video, the whole goal of this study is for you to be with your Savior, exploring what He is doing in your life and in your journey. We cannot wait to hear about the roads God takes all of you down through this excursion. We can’t wait to see how God uses this study to grow you and your intimacy with Him.

You can purchase a copy of The Quest study journal and videos here.

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