Monday, September 11, 2017

The Holy Spirit is Not Your Genie with Dr. James White - Sheologians

Wish you could go to seminary but it’s too expensive? Well you’re in luck! The author of The Forgotten Trinity stops in today to take us to school on who the Holy Spirit is, why it matters, how the church has wrestled with this topic in the past, what the EFS debate is all about and we even dare touch the topic of the Nashville Statement!

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4:20 Summer explains how she landed this historic interview.

5:50 What is the problem with the question, “What is the Holy Spirit?”

11:00 James White tells us what one of the first heresies in the church was!

13:00 How has the doctrine of the Trinity been revealed?

14:50 So, what is the role of the Holy Spirit and why is He often so misunderstood today?

17:36 What are the very basics of who the Holy Spirit is?

25:10 How has a minimal grasp of the Trinity impacted worship and prayer in the church?

28:10 EVEN MORE on the specific role of the Holy Spirit!

29:12 How do we understand what people mean when they talk about the Holy Spirit telling them to do X?

33:00 What is the “economic” Trinity, and how does EFS impact our view on women? THIS IS IMPORTANT. DO NOT MISS THIS.

42:25 What happened in the EFS/ESS debate and how is it impacting the egalitarian/complementarian debate?

50:00 Why we should be careful not to throw anathemas around on this issue when we disagree.

51:30 Can you support the Nashville Statement if you reject EFS?

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The Forgotten Trinity by James R. White:

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Denny Burk’s statement from the EFS fall out:

Aimee Byrd asking if it’s okay to teach Complementarianism based on EFS:

Rosaria Butterfield on why she signed the Nashville Statement:

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