Saturday, September 16, 2017

SpeedRunners [Saturday Morning Review]

SpeedRunners [Saturday Morning Review]

For the past couple of months, Eric Dye and I have been having some fun to do co-op gaming with SpeedRunners. Unlike most games that have the plot to follow or open-ended gaming mechanics for hours and hours of fun, SpeedRunners is definitely designed as play against your friends. With the online connections, this is perfect to have conversations with friends for a Let’s Play but also exciting game play. Honestly, the game requires all of your attention and none of it at the same time.

Here are some cliff-notes of my review of the game:

  • The gameplay as a solo player is fine, but this game is definitely designed to be multiplayer
  • You have the ability for DLCs and in-game purchases, but its all cosmetics or quickly unlock levels. Honestly, just spend a ton of time playing it.
  • Do not stare at the screen too long. This game is definitely one of those where you have to memorize the map to be perfect at it and I attempted to stare too long and paid the price in the Let’s Play below.
  • The only real limitation is the number of maps. I would love more maps.

My advice, if you find it on a Steam sale or HumbleBundle package for less than $7, you definitely should get it, but make sure you have some friends who can play with you. Watch the let’s play we recorded below and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

[Video via YouTube]

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