Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sorting Notes Document Entries

Background Info:  When preparing as an adult Sunday School teacher, I like to create a Notes document for each lesson.  I set my highlighter pens to store my highlighted text to the Notes document.  I often use 7 or 8 different commentaries with highlights made in each of them. 

Comments / Questions:

  1. Maybe it is out of ignorance, but I find no use at all with the Full, Compact, or Split display mode of the Notes.  Only the Quotes mode seems to be of any use to me.   What am I missing?
  2. In Quotes mode I can sort the Notes entries by the resource.  I like that.  However, sure would be nice if I could sort the entries based on the scripture references.  Basically, that would take all of the entries across all of the resources I highlighted and sort them in the same order as the Bible verses (or close to it).  I realize that I have a built in assumption that the resources have direct scriptural references.
  3. Why does the note indicator for each entry not show in the Quotes mode but does show in the other modes?  (I see an option to sort by Note color so figured I could painstakingly colorize the notes to force the scripture order I'm looking for) 

Thanks in advance for your response.


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