Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sermon Editor Date Automaticallu Subtract 1 day

When I add an Occasion to a Sermon in the Sermon Editor and click on "Done with sermon info" or close the Sermon, the value of 1 day is automatically subtracted from the date I entered. A search for a Sermon by occasion date then fails. It seems that the date format for the occasion date is mm/dd/yyyy in the Editor. My systems format is MM/dd/yyyy.

I tried to enter 6 Jan 2018 and 01/06/2018 for example, but it ends up as 1/5/2018

Currently this is a huge problem because I'm planning a sermon series for 2018. Does anyone know if this is an issue or maybe something else I'm missing?

I'm working offline due to an ADSL issue in my hometown.


Windows 10 Home SL

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