Monday, September 18, 2017

Personal Booklist (?)

In an ideal world, I would have all of my books on Logos. Logos would be selling books on Metaphysics, Journal would want their articles on Logos, and B&H publishers would give up on ________ and start selling their books on the Logos platform. Unfortunately, this world is not the actual one yet. Right now my books are scattered all over the place. A few thousand ones on Logos, a few hundred ones in physical format, couple of Kindle, iBooks, and even myWSB books and PDF's. Several times, I have commited the mistake of buying a book I already owned in another format. For instance, I bought the $70 Companion to Epistemology (physical copy) when I already owned it in PDF. That is wasting money and I do not like it.

In order to help me with my multi-located library, I have created an excel spreadsheet that has the name, author, and year of publishing. That way, before buying a book, I can simply CMD+F my excel document and know if I already own it or not. 

Because I own exaclty 3,376 books on Logos, I did not want to have to check each one mannually. Is there any way I can export a list of the books on my library? Like in a query, I'd select the fields I want (author, title, date) and export that in some format. 

Is this possible?

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