Friday, September 8, 2017

Pasting Text Into Microsoft Publisher From Logos 7


I am readily able to copy and paste text from Logos 7 into Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, but I cannot paste text into a text box in Microsoft Publisher 2016 directly from Logos.

If I take the text and drop it into Notepad, and then copy it again from Notepad and then paste into Microsoft Publisher, it will paste like it should.  I was wondering if I was perhaps missing some arcane (to me anyway) setting in Logos that was acting as a gremlin for my pasting into Publisher, or if I maybe found a zinger in Publisher.  Since I'll bet a donut that someone here has Publisher installed in their PC, I'd appreciate anyone that is able giving this exercise a try and letting me know if it is just my machine or if it goes sideways for them as well.

Thank you very much,


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