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Notable Voices and the Week in Review: September 9, 2017

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5 Fears of Experienced Leaders That Can Wreck Their LegacyArt Rainer

Experienced leaders are susceptible to the fears leaders of all tenure face. However, because of their tenure, the impact of dwelling on these fears is often magnified, sometimes leading to an unfortunate deterioration of their legacy. What are a few of those fears, and how do they wreck an experienced leader’s legacy? Here are five fears to consider:


5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Improve Your PreachingErik Reed

I want to get better at preaching. I want to excel at this craft. I know the gravity of preaching, so improving at it is non-negotiable. Many of the articles and posts on preaching have the same advice being offered, which is fine considering how leaky we are. But I have discovered some non-traditional, sparingly recommended preaching helps that I want to share that could be used to improve your sermons. Here are five surprisingly effective ways to improve your preaching:


10 Ways to Keep Your Church from Reaching MillennialsChuck Lawless

Many of our churches are missing the millennial generation (typically defined as those born between 1980 and 2000). If you want to be that kind of church, too, here are some things that will likely keep you from reaching this generation:


How to Pray When You Don’t Want to Pray — J. D. Greear

If someone wrote a story of my prayer life, it would probably be titled, A Confused Mix of Wandering and Worrying. Fortunately, Paul Miller also provides several helpful ways out of our prayer haze. Here are four of the biggest takeaways from A Praying Life:


The Top 8 Reasons Most Churches Never Break The 200 Attendance MarkCarey Nieuwhof

Breaking 200 Without Breaking You is designed to take senior pastors, their teams and boards through the top 8 barriers church leaders face when trying to reach their community. So, here are the top 8 reasons churches who want to grow never end up breaking the 200 barrier.


6 Questions to Ask Before You Change JobsEric Geiger

Leaders, especially ministry leaders, have commonly asked me questions about how to process new jobs/opportunities that come their way. What questions should I ask myself? How do I wrestle with changing jobs? Here are six questions, in no particular order, to ask:


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