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Notable Voices and the Week in Review: September 23, 2017

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7 Surefire Ways to Kill Momentum in Your ChurchChris Hefner

I’m afraid that churches today often either can’t get traction or keep the momentum of God’s movement in their lives. Momentum in the life of the church can come in several ways. Maybe several people have recently been baptized. Maybe you’ve completed a necessary building or renovation project. Maybe you’ve hired a new staff member or pastor. Maybe God has given you a season of repentance and revival. Maybe you’ve just completed an influential preaching series in the life of the church. Maybe you’ve witnessed the benefit of a program or ministry that has had a great impact. Whatever the momentum builder, don’t fall prey to these surefire momentum killers.


10 Indicators You’ve Stopped Growing as a LeaderChuck Lawless

Leaders who stop growing lose their edge as a leader. They become stale, even if others may not readily recognize it. See if your life reflects any of these indications that you’ve stopped growing as a leader:


7 Good Reasons to Leave a ChurchBrett McCracken

In our consumer society, where prevailing wisdom says we should be loyal to products or brands only insofar as our needs and tastes are satisfied, it can be easy for churchgoers to have a very low threshold for leaving a church. The preaching loses some luster. The children’s ministry isn’t as fun as it could be. The worship leader’s hairstyle becomes bothersome. There are lots of bad reasons for leaving a church. But what are some legitimate reasons for leaving a church? Here are seven:


Pastors Must Increase Activity on Social Media — Chris Martin

Christians should not avoid using social media entirely out of fear just because some people abuse the tool. In particular, pastors and church leaders must consider what they lose when they refuse to engage with their communities in the digital space.


5 Pastoral Emergencies That Aren’t EmergenciesCarey Nieuwhof

One step you can take is to decide whether something is actually an emergency. Just because it’s an emergency to them doesn’t mean it has to be an emergency for you. While there are some pastoral emergencies that are true emergencies, here are 5 pastoral emergencies that may not be.


The Biggest Hindrance to a Leader’s GrowthEric Geiger

Ben Franklin wrote, “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Will Mancini, who serves on our team at LifeWay and leads Auxano, recently told me that a lack of self-awareness is the biggest hindrance to a leader’s development. When we are not self-aware, we greatly hinder our own growth for three reasons:


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