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Notable Voices and the Week in Review: September 16, 2017

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How Missions Matures a BelieverDaniel Im

When we live out our core identity as missionaries, the Lord matures us. However, if we focus on behaviors directly tied to the maturation of our souls, we may never go beyond ourselves. The interesting thing about both goals—to mature and to live as a missionary—is that they’re cyclical. What matters is your starting point.


Is Online Church Real Church?Karl Vaters

Online church is not just necessary, it’s important, even essential. The speed, convenience and world-wide reach of the internet is a wonderful tool. The digital world is a great place to network about faith. But church will never be entirely digital.Screen-to-screen is no substitute for face-to-face. Digital reality cannot replace actual reality.


Pastor, Strive to Learn Their NamesBenjamin Vrbicek

The reason we should learn names is twofold. First, a general reason: God has always existed in relationship—the loving relationship of Father, Son, and Spirit. And because we are made in God’s image and likeness, it’s not good for us to be alone. I believe this is the main reason why people desire to be where everyone knows their name, as in the tagline from the old show Cheers. God designed us for community.


3 Things Pastors’ Kids Need From Their Churches — Barnabas Piper

Everyone in church notices the pastor’s kids. People don’t think about noticing them, it just happens. I grew up as a PK, the son of John Piper, and even I notice PKs. It’s almost impossible to avoid. They’re like the first children of the church. Don’t think you notice them? Here’s what it looks like.:


5 Very Real Tensions Every Small To Mid-Sized Church Leader FeelsCarey Nieuwhof

It’s critical that as church leaders we both understand and address the tensions we’re facing. In the same way that diagnosing that pain under your kneecap when you’re trying to run a race is helpful, diagnosing what you sense in the congregation can be critical to taking your next step forward. Overcome these tensions and you’re closer to progress. Avoid them or fail to deal with them and you can stay stuck a long time.


Choosing the Time of Your Next Worship ServiceEric Geiger

Much more challenging than adding a second service is deciding where to place your third or even your fourth service. Do you run as many as you can in the morning? Can you go past noon? Which is better in your community, Saturday night or Sunday night? What about your staff and their families? All really important questions. So how do you navigate the decision? Here are five steps to help your team discuss the next worship service time.


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