Monday, September 18, 2017

NEW: Latest New Courses

Our latest courses available for pre-order include CO105 Introducing Christian Counseling by Dan Zink, the 2-course A Reformed Doctrine of God Bundle by K. Scott Oliphint, and a practical course How to Choose the Right Bible Translation for the Task by Mark Ward.

CO105 Introducing Christian Counseling:

In Introducing Christian Counseling: A Worldview Approach (CO105) Dan Zink exposes learners to the foundations and features of Christian counseling, surveying the big ideas of people, problems, change, and help. Dr. Zink addresses questions like, What is the purpose of the gospel? How do thinking and feeling relate to one another and what implications does this have for counseling? What role do emotions play in a well-balanced life? Why is empathy so important and how do we grow in it? and, When is it appropriate for a counselor to break confidentiality?

A Reformed Doctrine of God Bundle (TH211 A Reformed Doctrine of God: Trinitarian Foundation and (TH212 A Reformed Doctrine of God: Essence and Attributes):

In this two-course bundle, Dr. K. Scott Oliphint presents an overview of the doctrine of God from a Reformed perspective. In TH211 he focuses on the Trinitarian nature of God as he examines the names of God used in Scripture and discusses the doctrine of God throughout church history. In TH212 Dr. Oliphint explores who God is by looking at the attributes and the actions of God. He investigates the covenantal character of God and the role of the Second Person of the Trinity in covenant redemption.

How to Choose the Right Bible Translation for the Task

Which Bible translation is the best? Christians love to argue about this. But it’s always the wrong question, because it’s incomplete. We should ask, “Which Bible translation is best for a given purpose?” Which translations are best for close study, for evangelism, for preaching, for reading big chunks quickly? This brief course teaches students how to choose the right translation for the right task.

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