Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mouseover no longer displays cross-references

When I hover over a cross-reference (or note) link at (while reading one of the Bibles), the pointer changes to a hand with an extended finger, but the pop-up box containing the verse no longer appears, regardless of how long I leave the pointer hovering.  If I click the link, the 5 dots in the box above go through their consecutive blinking as if the app is gathering information but nothing is ever displayed and the dots never stop their blinking. 

The same thing happens when hovering over a link in a commentary.

I should add that the app works as expected when hovering over other things, such as tabs, etc.  Also, hovering over links at works as expected, that is, the site displays whatever information is associated with the link.

My platform is Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge. (btw, using Firefox made no difference.)

Can anyone advise?



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