Thursday, September 7, 2017

Logos dot com web site resources and Mobile Ed courses...

I was asked to bring this suggestion here, so here I am:
The initial information I suggested in another forum: "it would be AWESOME if the logos dot com page would allow you to automatically select resources (dynamically, that you are missing) when purchasing a course (and give a discount!) :)

I was overjoyed when Faithlife/Logos made their website dynamic.  Before that (many of you probably didn't know that in the past - it didn't have dynamic pricing, etc...)  this was the best thing since sliced bread.  I was a little disappointed though, that the dynamics didn't include a few things:

  • when buying a book that also comes in a series, that it gives an option to show the series as well.
  • and based on that is the Mobile Ed courses with all their reading resources, both "Suggested Reading" and the "See also" sections. (As a student, I see the Suggested Reading more as a "required" section for the course, and the See Also more as "optional".

So having the other resources dynamically show on the web page when "shopping"; having the "required" reading show in a section, and having the "optional" also show, with a check box to add to the cart when buying a course.

Of course, part of this dynamic is also my desire to see other related Mobile Ed course that are part of a certificate program be listed and linked and checkbox'ed as well to also add to the cart.

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