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Lectures to My Students

Lectures to My StudentsAuthor(s): Charles Spurgeon
Publisher: GLH Publishing
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“My college lectures are colloquial, familiar, full of anecdote, and often humorous they are purposely made so, to suit the occasion. At the end of the week I meet the students, and find them weary . . . and only in a condition to receive something which will attract and secure their attention, and fire their hearts.”

Though best remembered as the most popular preacher of the Victorian era, C. H. Spurgeon was also founder and president of the Pastors College in London. He supervised the training of over 800 students, presided at an annual conference for ministers, and, on Friday afternoons, delivered regular lectures on every aspect of pulpit ministry.

Chapters included:
-The Pastor’s College
-Introduction and Apology
-I – The Minister’s Self-watch
-II – The Call to the Ministry
-III – The Preacher’s Private Prayer
-IV – Our Public Prayer
-V – Sermons—their Matter
-VI – On the Choice of a Text
-VII – On Spiritualizing
-VIII – On the Voice
-IX – Attention!
-X – The Faculty of Impromptu Speech
-XI – The Minister’s Fainting Fits
-XII – The Minister’s Ordinary Conversation
-XIII – To Workers with Slender Apparatus
-XIV – The Holy Spirit in Connection with our Ministry
-XV – The Necessity of Ministerial Progress
-XVI – The Need of Decision for the Truth
-XVII – Open-air Preaching—a Sketch of its History
-XVIII – Open-air Preaching—Remarks Thereon
-XIX – Posture, Action, Gesture, etc.
-XX – Posture, Action, Gesture, etc. (Second Lecture)
-XXI – Earnestness: its Marring and Maintenance
-XXII – The Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear
-XXIII – On Conversion as Our Aim
-XXIV – Illustrations in Preaching
-XXV – Anecdotes from the Pulpit
-XXVI – The Uses of Anecdotes and Illustrations
-XXVII – Where Can We find Anecdotes and Illustrations?
-XXVIII – The Sciences as Sources of Illustration

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