Monday, September 18, 2017

Last Hurrah Feedback Request- NIVAC commentary series, IVP Dictionary and Bronze Baptist with Full Feature Set

Well that dreaded day has arrived where my student discount is mere hours away from being gone forever as I graduated in May.  Logos was kind enough to extend my student discount some but it will end in a couple short days.

I bought the discounted NIVAC making use of my discount and Zondervan discount this month (I never had this full commentary set and was missing most of the OT it seems). Sales rep suggested was a good purchase.

I also got all of my missing IVP OT dictionaries and decided to downgrade to the Bronze Baptist and the Full feature (letting my Logos Now lapse...shudder).  I could not afford to keep my Silver Baptist going and waited to long to decide to buy missing all those early deals.

I spread my payments out of over 15 months and made the small downpayment.

Anyone or everyone think this was a good way to go?

I am currently unemployed, hopeful one day even at 56 years of age to find a full time role in ministry as an associate pastor or better, and decided to spend judiciously and carefully knowing my student discount was valuable even as it ends.  

Lastly thanks Logos and all of you for assisting me so graciously in the forums through the years.

What books, commentaries, etc would you make sure you had as a moderately conservative ESV translation Baptist in YOUR collection if you were in my shoes?  Imagine a best case scenario of a small church pastor in your reply please.

Anyone finding they get much use of out the FACTBOOK COLLECTION?  Which commentaries, dictionaries, resources do you think self respecting pastor/teacher should have even if, for now, they only attend Bible studies and preach monthly at a local homeless shelter?

Joshua in Warwick, Rhode Island
(Hopeful of being bi-vocational and more useful again for God's purposes soon)

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