Monday, September 4, 2017

Jesus Isn’t Calling, God Has Already Spoken - Sheologians

Buckle up, boys and girls, cause this week the ladies are taking on “God told me” and the popular book Jesus Calling. Is Jesus Calling? SPOILER ALERT, lots of love for the doctrine of Sola Scriptura is happening. Share this with your friends who aren’t really sure if Jesus Calling is great or garbage!

2:50 Joy gets us in trouble by mentioning an Alfred Hitchcock movie

6:00 An unimportant side bar on how total depravity is real and sci-fi novels are ceasing to be sci-fi

8:40 Yes, it took us this long to touch on today’s topic of the Christianese phrase, “God told me”

12:45 The girls address “Jesus Calling” and some of the obvious problems with the book

14:50 What is “automatic writing” and can Christians engage in it?

17:50 If we get special revelation, can we hold to Sola Scriptura?

21:45 How has God given revelation and how should we view Scripture today?

23:00 So what’s up with the Holy Spirit in the middle of this conversation?

27:12 Can you legitimately say, “God told me”?

29:11 Summer is super basic and complains about the weather

20:20 Joy introduces our Feminist of the Week!

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