Thursday, September 14, 2017

interesting question came up today about "all the resources"

I have been using Logos software for so many years, I believe the first version I had was on a stack of floppy diskettes and had a separate one for licensing backup.  someone asked me how much it would cost to get everything I have.  My reply was that you can't.  some of the resources I have are no longer available. they wanted to know about what was my investment.  when I calculated it, it took me aback a bit too, but still worth it (well beyond "collectors").

Of course, the next question was - well, then - what about if I wanted to buy collectors and then add all other resources currently available.  That sounds great.  but I had no idea how to even start calculating that.  has anyone done that before? does Faithlife have a "secret menu" with that "product" on it? - "yes, please, one of each".

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