Monday, September 4, 2017

Interactive "Feasts And Sacrifices" (and probably others) need to keep the Column headers locked in place.

I would like to see the Interactive "Feasts and Sacrifices" lock the column headers in place instead of them scrolling out of sight. In addition to that I would also like to see the faceted selections stay in place as well. I was using the Feasts and Sacrifices Interactive to play around after the training video and I noticed that as I scrolled down through the references, the column headers (and the faceted selections) were no longer visible. While that doesn't see to be too much of a big deal, it would be nice to see what I have selected from the menu of choices and to also see the column headers locked in place instead of having to scroll up and down to regain my point of reference. Hope this makes sense and if there are any other interactives that work this way, why not go ahead and make a systemic change to all of them. Thank you.

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