Sunday, September 10, 2017

In Your Heart

We speak rather glibly of the “heart” without thinking what is involved, where it is, and that it is not talking about the pump that pushes our blood around. There are many such things that we never “think about” over the span of years, but we do well to stop to smell the roses, or to think about things often overlooked.

First, the “heart” is not in your “bowels”, nor is it the pump in your chest, it is in your forehead. The inner you, the conscious you, the place where reasoning is done, the place where “feelings” are felt or rejected, the place where your “treasures” are enumerated in your forehead. That is where all conscious thinking goes on. That is where you “face yourself”, where you judge the actions of others, where you do business with God, where you either “let go” of things, or “hold onto” things, and this latter has not only to do with offenses, but also with values. Moses said in the text above that the people were to “lay up these my words in your heart,” that is, hold onto them, pay heed to them, let them be that which guides your actions, let my words be a reference point for future actions so that you will show honor to God.

That type of thing is the whole process of what all ministry here is getting at. That you should hear the Word of God, clearly taught and applied, and that you should accept it into your heart as a reference point for future living, and as a control Over your decisions… .and as a basis for your hope…and your “feelings” toward God and one an- other. That will give you peace within, peace toward God, peace with others….and what goes on in your conscious thinking would be of a far happier and wholesome nature.

We live in a fast moving society…and our minds are thoroughly crowded with things. Not only are there normal things to think about, but he is hammering away at us with commercials….with concepts and philosophies which belong to this world. Society makes demands upon us…newspapers…magazines…this Or that organization or movement wanting money, support, and time. If you pay any attention you will notice that your mind is virtually “spinning” with much of which needs to be discarded. .some of which needs some attention….but find, if you Will, the important things to attend to.

Alright….you read the Word of God. …but how? Do you make sure that you “got” what it says? Do you relate it to things going on in your heart at the moment? Do you see it as the solution of some things that need to be let go of? Do you see it as a corrective for some things within yourself? Do you see how it could apply to your friend who needs the emphasis of that verse? Do you recognize in the Word of God your treasure? Do you dwell on it at all?…or is it a “ditty” of devotions from which you “fly” into the busyness of the day, and your “million things to do”?

Answering honestly this brief list of questions will quickly evaluate to yourself, what is in your heart. Do you remember how the Lord exemplified that some seed is sown, and the things of this world grow up around it and choke it so that it cannot bear fruit? Is that you? Are you paying any attention to bearing fruit for the Lord’s glory? Is that something that consciously gets attention in your heart?

Why not take a few moments to stop. and examine yourself…as to what it is, that is uppermost in your heart? in your mind…in your conscious thinking? You think you love your family….but how do you do that? You think you love the Lord, but how do you do that? What attention does your family get from you? …or what attention does the Lord get from you? Or are your attentions self-indulged in other things, and the family, and the Lord, are only “additions” to your more important agenda? What a thing to say….but the real sorrow of it is that it is true in many people who want to think to themselves that they are true family people…and truly spiritually minded.

Jeremiah said, “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?” That deceiving process is common to many who “hide” from themselves what is really going on within the scope of their pursuits, and values. We all need to stop to evaluate ourselves concerning these things. We need to pay attention to what is in our hearts. Don’t deceive yourself that everything there is what it ought to be. You may find some things, upon honest evaluation, that ought not to be there. Clean house.

Joseph Stringer


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