Wednesday, September 20, 2017

If possible

Dear brothers, God bless your lives.

First I apologize if the translation is not good, but I am occupying an online translator.

I want to consult the following and, raise a few features of the Android application that I think can help a lot.

Is it possible that the Sepia background is much darker? because between the white background and Sepia background there is not much comparison and, if possible, could add support from various sources, such as the Roboto Sans that I love so much or Comics Sans, which, according to me, with a considerable size It helps a lot to read.

Another point is if it is possible to integrate TTS to the application, so that it occupies the TTS reader of the same device. There are several applications that occupy the TTS voices of the device, therefore, I do not think it is something very complicated (well, I do not do what you do, and as for the one who does not know everything is easy ....)

A big favor, is it possible to place the courses in the application? that is, not the Mobile Ed, if not, the courses that come in libraries 7, which are readings of various resources. Sometimes we have a free time and doing a little course on the cell phone would be excellent.

The last point is if it is possible that when there is a hyperlink or two or more verses we can read them in the Pop up or the popup window all the verses, and not only the first, as in the case of the iOS application. That would certainly help us a lot.

Thank you so much for everything you do, they are a tremendous blessing to all.


Jorge Vilos Barrera.

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