Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to search for all occurences of actual prayers for a text in library?

Chris Garrett | Forum Activity | Posted: Today 4:39 AM

Hi Friends,

One of the things that I use Logos for is to prepare our worship services, including readings, creeds, hymns, prayers, etc.  I am wondering what tools you use to search and organize sample prayers, in particular.  For example, here is a sample inquiry I might have:

- type of prayer: Confession

- verse range:  James 1:1-11

- Did anyone write a prayer that might spur us on here?  (John Owen, Tozer, Calvin, whomever). 

Some devotional books are chock full of prayers, but searching them by text is sometimes more difficult.  I was trying <James 1:1-11> NEAR prayer... but the results were scattered and not often actual prayers, but more commentary on a prayer or the word prayer is mentioned, but it's not the thing itself, only a reference to prayer.

Related to this,  does anyone have a Collection that pulls together the best of your worship leading books? What search parameters did you use to create your collection? 

My end goal is to get a "worship leading" layout set up, so that my search parameters and key books are open when I open that layout.

Thanks for any help!


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