Monday, September 11, 2017

How to Find Everywhere the NT Mentions Eating or Meals

A fellow Logos user recently posted the following question on a Logos blog:

Is there a way to find every time there is eating/a meal in the New Testament?  I think there is a lot of activity that goes on around a table or just eating.

With the Bible Sense Lexicon the answer is a resounding yes!

  • Choose Tools | Bible Sense Lexicon
  • Type meal in the Sense box (A)
  • Select to eat (a meal) from the list under the box (B)

  • After the report builds, click Search for sense “to eat (a meal)” at the top of the left sidebar (C)

  • Notice the Search panel opens, with the query already entered  (D)
  • Adjust the verse range to the New Testament (E)
  • Click Aligned to see the results in a center column (F)

Please keep in mind that various Greek words may and do share the meaning or sense of eating a meal. So the verses you’re viewing all contain the idea of eating a meal!

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