Thursday, September 21, 2017

Get Dynamic Pricing on Zondervan Resources This Month Only

Build your library on a budget

If you’ve seen any promotions from Logos lately, you may have run into the phrase, “Dynamic Pricing.” For example, all Zondervan resources are Dynamically Priced this month. So what exactly is Dynamic Pricing, why is it a big deal, and how can it save you serious money?

Dynamic Pricing, defined

Your Dynamic Price is a unique-to-you discount: what you pay for a Logos product after subtracting the value of resources and features you already own. It’s designed so that you always get the best deal possible, without paying for the same thing twice.

Here’s how it works for you

When you’re logged in to, our website adjusts the prices you see, based on the resources you already own. It’s that simple.

And Dynamic Pricing doesn’t just apply to books. The same goes for Logos 7 base packages and feature sets. If you already own some of the features included in the latest version of Logos, you won’t pay for those features again. The price of whatever features you already own will be subtracted from the price you pay for that set.  

All of this means that you can build your library without having to replace it every time you want to upgrade. Check out your Dynamic Pricing right now on a personalized base package recommendation.

Dynamic Pricing and Zondervan

We’re always searching for the best deals on your favorite resources. This month, we can offer Dynamic Pricing on Zondervan resources—but only through September 30. It’s an rare opportunity. And you only have a short while to take advantage of especially favorable deals on some of our most popular resources.

Let’s say, for example, that you own the four-volume Zondervan Practical Theology Collection, but want to get a great deal this month on the larger (62-volume) Zondervan Bible Reference Bundle 3 (which includes the Practical Theology Collection). Dynamic Pricing means the value of the four books you already own will be subtracted from the final price at checkout time.

The same pricing holds true for any other Zondervan collection or bundle this month—on sale or not—including:

And then there’s the sale

This month, the cherry on top is 30% off many Zondervan collections. That means 30% off the NIV Application Commentary Bundle  (Old and New Testament, 42 volumes) and the Word Biblical Commentary (61 volumes). Or 30% off the New International Dictionary of Theology and Exegesis (Old and New Testament, 10 volumes) and the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (10 volumes).

And that’s just a sample. Here are several more reasons to consider adding a Zondervan resource to your library this month. Many are on sale, others not. But with Dynamic Pricing, each one can save you money through the end of the month.

Check out all Zondervan resources on sale.

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