Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Get 30% off and Dynamic Pricing on the Word Biblical Commentary!

Word Biblical Commentary

Special pricing during our Zondervan Publisher Spotlight means you’ll save 30% on all 61 volumes (28,000-plus pages!) of the Word Biblical Commentary—but only through September 30.

WBC is one of our most popular commentary series on, featuring the insight of leading evangelical scholars such as Peter T. O’Brien, James Dunn, Gordon Wenham, and Bill Mounce. Every contributor (there are more than 50) shares a faithful commitment to Scripture as divine revelation.

WBC is ideal for pastors, professional theologians and educators, seminary or university students, or anyone who wants to build theological understanding from a solid base of biblical scholarship.

The Logos advantage

With Logos, you can search for any verse, passage, or topic more quickly and efficiently, since every word from every page in every book has been painstakingly indexed and catalogued. Passage Guide integration gives you instant access to whatever you’re looking for in less time than it would take you to walk over to the bookshelf and flip through print volumes.

Keep in mind that Zondervan collections on (including this one) incorporate Dynamic Pricing through September 30. That means when you purchase a larger collection, you only pay for what’s new to you—not for Logos edition resources you already own.

If you purchased each volume in this series separately, you’d pay thousands. But this month only you can get all 61 volumes for just $360. That’s 30% off—and if you already own some of the volumes, you’ll pay even less.

Get the WBC for 30% off now.


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