Sunday, September 10, 2017

For Any Literalists: New Century Version

I doubt there's many literalists in Logosland. I'm using that word as 'pre-creedal'. What you see is what you got. Yes, metaphors, etc. 

I ran into this by accident. It's supposed to be for kids. And indeed, it's a fun read. But a KJV site (no offense) was going crazy, suspicious (actually confident) the translation was straight from Satan. So, I guess I'd better be extra careful.

But if you're familiar with the hebrew and greek (and associated arguments), the translation is really interesting. It seems to be completely oblivious to the correct creedal wording. When I saw some Romans verses, I thought, 'Oh my goodness! This looks pretty first century. Definitely pre-Origen'  And for kids too.

So. If you're one of the literalists, it's quite interesting.  Grain of salt, and all that.

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