Thursday, September 14, 2017

FL - Please, Please fix this!

You have added yet another feature that I cannot use if I want to be able to use my laptop for more than four hours - Faithlife Assistant

MacBook Pros with dGPU have half the battery life when using many, many, many Logos' features. This not only diminishes battery life, but overall battery health. That means that Logos reduces the life span of my laptop whose primary purpose is to run Logos.

Is this being addressed? Is it on the list? This is very limiting to one's workflow. I am not the only one affected. (not a comprehensive list)

Here is an embarrassing list of features that reduce the life span of my laptop:

Home Page
Sermon Editor (really?)
Courses Tool
Faithlife Assistant
Media Browser
Text Comparison Tool
Parallel Gospel Reader
Bible Browser
Bible Sense Lexicon
Miracles of the Bible
Names of God
New Testament Use of the Old Testament
Proverbs Explorer
Psalms Explorer
Speaking to God
Synopsis of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles
Text Converter
Weights & Measures Converter

I stopped checking the rest of the interactive resources but am guessing that they would all find themselves on this list.

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