Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall 2017 Leader Tips, Session 4—The Savior Is Arrested

In the videos below, Trevin Wax (Adults), Andy McLean (Students), and Brian Dembowczyk (Kids) coach leaders on teaching Fall 2017, Session 4—The Savior Is Arrested.

Tips and videos for previous lessons are available on the The Gospel Project Blog. You can also check out the Additional Resources page for podcast recommendations and blog posts related to this week’s subject matter. To view a comprehensive list of the studies for this three-year cycle of The Gospel Project, see our All Ages Chronological Study Plan (which includes Scripture references for each weekly session).

Every week, we provide interactive teaching helps and additional ideas / activities for The Gospel Project for Adults sessions. Click TGP Fall 2017 Session 4 to access the Session 4 interactive teaching suggestions.

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