Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cross-Reference multiple verses with an explanation

How do you create a note of some sort that is attached to multiple references?

There are two different but related tasks I'd like to accomplish:

1) Commentary on related texts:

If I have written a brief explanation on a topic that appears 5x in Scripture, I would rather type in that explanation once, and then link that explanation to all 5x that topic appears in Scripture. Then, when I open a Bible or resource, my explanation appears as a note or link or something.

As a pastor, I probably have hundreds of these kinds of topics and explanations.

What I've done up to this point is copy and paste my explanation onto a note for each Scripture text. 

2) Links to related verses I can click on without having to open a note. 

Is there a way to simply add a list of related Scripture links to multiple related-verses at the same time?

I would also like to add my own original thoughts and research.

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