Friday, September 22, 2017

Christ-Centered Exposition (e.g., Author Daniel L. Akin - Mark)

JoshInRI | Forum Activity | Posted: Today 3:54 PM

I am curious why this excellent set of commentaries is not in Logos yet?  I broke down and used some "book bucks" to get a discount at my local Christian bookstore and have decided to restudy and share The Book of Mark making use of this Akin book and others (obviously The Good Book in my ESV and NKJV with Logos Baptist Bronze 7.x open nearby).  The sharing will hopefully take place - so help me God - every month at a local rescue mission.

Joshua in Rhode Island

I did find this later (see above) but hoped everyone might revisit this note and that Logos may see it. Apparently a couple of these volumes were as low as .99 once.  I missed them and I think they were called EXALTING JESUS IN... previously as well in Vyrso.  Did I read if you buy in Vyrso it does not work as you expect in Logos 7.x? Lets hope I misread or misunderstood that note I glossed over.  I am still pleading with Logos to get this series into Logos 7.x though...pretty please.

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