Monday, September 18, 2017

Buyers remorse (shudder)

Hi, I just bought this via Logos with a student discount and as part of Logos Baptist Bronze bundled with 7.x full feature set.  Late to the party I know but I also let my Logos Now lapse on purpose too.

I have buyers remorse.  Is this Application Commentary bundle available more cheaply elsewhere you think?  Was I wrong to assemble a bundle with my expiring in two days student discount.

I am stunned it came to over 1K that I am spanning out over 15 months to pay for.  I also added IVP missing OT dictionaries.

I am thinking of ditching the above linked product, asking for a refund, as it added nearly $600 for me personally.  Keep or ditch as it can be bought in hard copy or online elsewhere more cheaply please?

Thanks for your help.

Joshua in Rhode Island...stunned at what I just agreed to and having buyers remorse now.


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