Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bug: Some added toolbar padding still remains in 7.9

7.8 added extra whitespace around everything in the toolbar, including the menus and command bar.

7.9 removed some of the whitespace (between the shortcut icons) but didn't remove the padding that was added around the menus and command bar.

Is there any chance that the remaining extra padding can be removed, to provide more space for the shortcut icons? As you can see, they still don't fit for 7.9 (but used to be completely visible for 7.7).

Thanks for any consideration!

  • 7.8 with extra padding around everything

  • 7.9 with some extra padding still remaining around menus and command bar

  • What it used to look like before padding was added around menus and command bar

Sorry, I didn't have a screenshot from 7.7 -- that one is fairly old -- but it shows how much more horizontal space was available for shortcut icons.

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