Tuesday, September 19, 2017

BUG: Hyperlinks Not Detected in PBB

This bug has to do with detecting hyperlinks in Personal Books.

Whenever an internal hyperlink is right next to a Microsoft Word bookmark tag, Logos fails to detect the hyperlink.

Attached is an example file. Please compile in Logos to see the results.

After enabling the visibility of bookmark tags in MS Word, notice that when a hyperlink is right next to a bookmark tag (first line example) it does not work in Logos. Adding an extra space between the bookmark tag and the hyperlink (second line example) does fix the issue.

Bookmarks & Hyperlinks

This is a big problem because often times MS Word bookmarks and hyperlinks are used as footnotes, thus after importing a PB the footnotes are broken.

It is clearly a bug with the Logos PBB, and should be a quick fix. 

I have spoken with a Logos level two technician (Christian) regarding this issue, who directed me to this forum, and said that one of the developers will be able to fix the issue.

Please let me know any way that I could be of further assistance in fixing this issue.

Thank you,


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