Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Brand new Blog/discussion group on Facebook!

About a  year ago, I started on a journey to find my place in God's Kingdom. I am an ordained ruling elder)not active atm) in a PCA church in Calabasas Ca. After getting back into guys like Horton, Sproul, Koukl, Keller and Buchanan. I started to really learn Logos thru training videos, and have come a long way. I spend 4-8 hours a day on various computers/phones to read every time I get the chance. I am currently reading Horton's Pilgrim Theology.

I need folks to come discuss this whole of idea of what happens AFTER conversion. I have a passion for those who walk through our church doors who do not return or do but with no idea of what exactly to do next. I feel we fall WAY short in moving folks along(discipleship). I thought I needed to learn about relationships as the thing that would get me to write, but I didn't have enough to say.

The topic of discipleship has pushed all my passion buttons, but I need help in getting folks to get into discussions. 

Any "help" would be appreciated. By that I mean drop by, say hello, and chat a bit.



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