Monday, September 18, 2017

Boston Mayor Faces Threat of Legal Action for Disallowing Christian Flag at City Hall

Written by Don Byrd

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is refusing to grant a request to fly a religious flag at City Hall, citing rules designed to safeguard the separation of church and state. A group called Camp Constitution is threatening legal action over the mayor’s decision to disallow the Christian flag on a pole that frequently features different flags alongside the Massachusetts and American flags.

The Boston Herald reports:

[Camp Constitution founder Hal] Shurtleff and his attorneys said he envisioned holding an event with local clergy to raise the Christian flag and discuss the city’s history as well as “our nation’s heritage.”

Walsh said that was not enough to sway him.

“I’m a Catholic and I’m proud of that, I don’t think you do that by putting a flag at City Hall Plaza,” Walsh said. “That’s not the way you do that.”

In a letter to Mayor Walsh, attorneys reportedly claimed his actions are unconstitutional and called for a response by September 27. Stay tuned.


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