Friday, September 8, 2017

Any Suggestions?

I run the pre-service loop for approximately 1/2 hour before service time. At about the 15 minute mark I jump to a video that is different every week and only played once. When the video ends I go back to the pre-service loop until the service starts. The videos are all different lengths, and I always start the warm-up manually. Can you think of any way I can automate the pre-service/video detour without being terribly complicated? Note that the video is played at a certain time, rather than following a specific slide in the pre-service loop.

A second part of this problem is that I have to put the video slide in the service area and jump to it at the right time and then remember to delete or skip it during the service time. Is there any way that I can put this video slide closer to the pre-service loop without automatically showing it?

I know I can do this by having a video player cued up and switching windows, but I would rather do it all within Proclaim if possible. 


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