Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ability to sort Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer by biblical books/passages

The Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer is nice but I was disappointed today not to be able to quickly find the manuscripts that pertained to some specific books whose textual history I want to investigate. One can only sort by larger writing types such as history, law, wisdom and prophets.

It would be better if functionality was added to the interactive so that:

  • One can pick 1 Samuel (for instance) if one wants to and see all the applicable manuscripts.
  • One can pick more than 1 book to see if they appear in a given manuscript together.

For example, the particular question I had this morning is how the textual history of Samuel and Kings relate to each other. Unfortunately, biblical commentaries that discuss textual matters tend to limit their remarks to the specific book on which they bear. I read a number of introductions and found little on this (aside from the fact that the Lucianic recension of Samuel ends at 1 Kings 2 thus including David's death).

Now some of this can be achieved by using the Textual Variants section in the Exegetical Guide and looking up Transcriptions, but this list is only representative of what one has in one's library, not necessarily of the whole of what is available on the given book(s).

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