Monday, September 18, 2017

A La Carte (September 18)

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of top-notch Study Bibles.

Died: Nabeel Qureshi, Author of ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’

“Nabeel Qureshi, a popular evangelist who found Jesus while seeking Allah, died Saturday of stomach cancer. The 34-year-old convert from Islam was an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) until his diagnosis last summer. He spent months in aggressive treatment, including the removal of his stomach, all the while praying for a miracle to heal him.” (See also the tributes by Ravi Zarcharias and Justin Taylor.)

Why Are Translations Different? (Video)

Bill Mounce answers in a new YouTube video.

On Christianity and Confederate Statues

I really enjoyed reading Lisa Robinson’s perspective on the issue. “As a Christian and citizen of another kingdom, I’m left to ask in the grand scheme of things, what difference do statues make. My reflection further takes me to the presence of statues in the New Testament, and particularly as the gospel begins infiltrating Gentile territory with the charge to proclaim equal heirship of Jew and Gentile as the mystery now revealed under the resurrected Christ.”

The Language of Tears

“I came across a set of photographs of tears taken using a microscope. They are fascinating to look at; vastly different in their detail and patterns, like looking down at changing landscapes from an aeroplane.”

Godliness is not your Personality

“Why do we take our individual, personality, character, gifts, or calling and make that the sum total of godliness for everyone else? The introvert equates godliness with quietness. The extrovert equates godliness with activity.” And so on…

Please Read Me Your Email

I like this! “When emails are received with feedback, criticism or complaints, one pastor asks that the sender meet with them to read the email aloud. They explain that they want to ensure that they read the the email with the tone and emphasis intended by the sender.”

10 Parenting Imperatives from the Book of Proverbs

Paul Carter rounds them up at The Gospel Coalition Canada. “Here are 10 things that the King and Queen in Proverbs say to their child that you should say to yours.”

Flashback: 3 Reasons We Need to Pray

As a Christian, as a pastor, and as a church member, I find myself at a lot of meetings. And more often than not, these meetings begin with prayer. I don’t often think about why we do this—we just do it. We pray before we do business, and we pray before we do ministry.

Of course it costs to be a Christian, but it costs much more not to be. —John Stott

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