Friday, September 15, 2017

A La Carte (September 15)

Westminster Books has a great deal on what I think will be one of the books of the year (for parents, at least). Be sure to check it out!

Meanwhile, Logos has a really good deal on a really good commentary set (one of my favorites).

Will a Happy Marriage Prevent an Affair?

I was planning to write about this article but am glad Russell Moore beat me to it. “A couple, even a Christian couple, should not assume they are immune to infidelity because they love each other, because they are happy, or because their sexual acrobatics are frenzied. The devil knows the way to take one down is not through a deficient spouse but through a deficient self.”

7 Years in Purgatory for Every Sin

Gene Veith has a fascinating article on Tetzel’s understanding of purgatory (and how the Roman Catholic Church continues to understand purgatory).

Meet the Font Detectives Who Ferret Out Fakery

Here’s a fascinating article about font detectives.

Believing Biblical Doctrines Requires Humility, Not Arrogance

This one is short and to the point, but important.

Don’t Be Caught without a Confession

Michael Reeves is always worth reading. “For all their defining importance in Christian history, confessions of faith have met with mixed reactions from Christians. While many believers have used confessions enthusiastically, others have claimed that confessions replace a vital relationship with God with a desiccated list of doctrine, replacing the Spirit with the letter, leaving only a husk of dead, dull orthodoxy.”

What Does the Gender Reveal Fad Say About Modern Pregnancy?

This one is written from a modern and politically-correct perspective which, in a sense, makes it all the more interesting. It also makes it kind of pathetic as the author tries to walk a fine line between all these different social mores (about sex and gender, about the distinction between a fetus and baby, etc).

How the Protestant Reformation Started

Here’s a compressed (but still substantial) account of how the Reformation began.

Flashback: Is Your Church Messy Enough

Who said church should be safe and easy? What if one of the marks of a good church, a blessed church, is that it’s a messy church?

If you understand what holiness is, you come to see that real happiness is on the far side of holiness, not the near side. —Tim Keller

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