Thursday, September 14, 2017

A La Carte (September 14)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few deals that actually appear on a fairly regular basis. Still…

Here’s some new Visual Theology that may interest you: Attributes of God Presentation Slides and The Kings of Israel.

(Yesterday at the blog I shared the first episode of a new podcast: The Art of Godliness.)

The Most Female and Male Occupations Since 1950

This is a neat visualization of the most female and most male occupations. Turns out the most female occupation is kindergarten and preschool teacher while the most male is carpenter.

Every Dark Shadow

“If we really want to be honest with ourselves, we know that there are parts of our wicked hearts that we will never reveal to anyone. There are things inside of us that would cause everyone we know to walk away. Our sin problem is so much bigger than we care to admit.”

Time Lapse at Sea (Video)

This is a stunning time lapse of a ship at sea.

The Terrifying Power of Internet Censors

I’ve been waiting to see some good coverage of the recent Cloudflare decision to take down a site. While few are offended by taking that particular site offline, the implications are very concerning.

Should We Pull the Plug on Cable News?

“I used to be a cable subscriber for one year out of four: election year. As a political junkie, I found the up-to-the-minute news of a presidential campaign thrilling. I loved the drama.” But not anymore. Here’s why.

Three Tests God Ordains for His People

“From those who have gone before us, we find several reasons for tests in Scripture. And knowing that tests are purposeful, we can rest, understanding that the Master is fully in control of both the test and the outcome.”

Understanding Spiritual Gifts: 4 Lessons from J.I. Packer

Christel Humfrey shares four lessons on spiritual gifts she gained from J.I. Packer.

Flashback: 5 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Dating Relationship

Dating has become the most difficult thing in the world, probably because they’ve got a million books and web pages telling them how. They can’t just do it—they’ve got to do it by the book. Here are some ways I’ve seen people ruin what could have been a beautiful thing.

It is only an infinite God, and an infinite good, that can fill and satisfy the precious and immortal soul of man. —Thomas Brooks

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