Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A La Carte (September 12)

Today’s Kindle deals include just a single solitary book. We will hope for better things for tomorrow.

3 Things “They” Told Me About Adoption

Dave Hare shares three things he was told about adoption. He and his wife went ahead and adopted four children and now he looks back and responds.

Who Is Joel Osteen, and Are His Teachings Biblical?

GotQuestions has a helpful overview of Joel Osteen’s teachings, emphases, and heresies.

The Lord Is Never Late

It’s a very comforting thought…

Protestant and Catholic

Kevin DeYoung runs through the primary differences between Protestants and Roman Catholics. “Should Catholics and Protestants treat each other decently and with respect? Of course. Will we labor side by side on important moral and social matters? Quite often. Can we find born again Christians worshiping in Catholic churches? I’m sure. But are the disagreements between Protestants and Catholics, therefore, negligible? Hardly. The differences still exist, and they still matter.”

The Story of Reality (Video)

This is a helpful short video on Greg K

Break Free from the Small Cycle

“There’s a destructive cycle often lived out in Western, wealthy Christianity—and in my own heart. Here’s the cycle: We Christians believe we have a small calling, so we call on a small god, and we grow a small faith. Our small faith fuels our small calling, which in turn perpetuates our belief that our god is small and asks us to do small things.”

Flashback: What God Does With Your Sin

Are you distressed by what you’ve done? Do you hear whispers that you have sinned beyond God’s desire or ability to forgive? Let these illustrations comfort you. Listen to—no, see!—all that God does with your sin.

We sometimes think we have grabbed hold of God and found Him, but it is really the other way around. —G.K. Beale

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