Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A concern about priorities

I'm doing this as separate post to feedback on the latest beta, as it's only tangentially related. It's not about what the beta is doing, or how it might better achieve it's current goals, but whether those goals have been properly prioritised.

I've been really pleased with all of the changes that have been made, but I'm a bit concerned about what seems to be getting passed over. The Logos Mobile app already had more bells and whistles than any other bible app I know of, but it lags behind almost every competitor in a few areas, and those areas are fundamental to many when choosing the right bible app.

The areas where Logos seems to lag behind the competition are:

  1. the inability to quickly search an open resource and see the number of hits. Performing searches and viewing results is almost always an inferior experience in Logos to any other app. I do love having the ability to search my entire library or my collections, but even then, the results are really hard to navigate - you can't always tell what book a given result appears in, or how many hits are in that title, etc
  2. The lack of offline information for interlinear texts
  3. The inability to view images full screen (with very few exceptions)
  4. Text-size being a universal setting rather than resource/language-specific - I can't make non-English texts larger without making all text larger.

To my mind, pretty much everything else is either equal or superior in Logos, I think, and there are so many unique features. It is my favourite bible app by a long way.

But the first two features are among the first things that many look for with a bible app, and the latter two wouldn't usually make it on to a wish-list because they're so widely taken for granted now - point 3 is (as far as I can tell) universally offered in reading apps outside of Logos, and point 4 is at least available in the most direct competitors apps.

My worry is that the new app is focusing on yet more (genuinely fantastic) additions, while overlooking the most important features that kinda should have been in place from the start.

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